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Seasonal Programs

Four Directions Retreat

Our next program is in the end of november 2024 in Almasana.

The Four Directions Retreat is a healing program that incorporates the energetic lessons of the Andean medicine wheel. This program is accompanied by the master plants of the Amazon rainforest and surrounding mountains. In this retreat, participants have a beautiful opportunity to connect with the four principal energies of each direction, their animal spirits and the powerful medicine of the elements that form the conscious life within which we exist. 

This program varies in length, from one to two weeks, and includes time for rest integration and creativity. During this program, you will invite and experience the healing energies of the four directions to support, cleanse, heal and protect us. These practices will continue to have a positive presence in our lives long after closing the medicine wheel.

The energies of the South, the serpent, heal us physically by connecting us to the Earth. This direction brings us back to the memory of our ancestors, our roots to past generations and lives. The energy of the West is represented by the mother Jaguar. This direction is associated with the element of water and the levels of deep emotions. In this energy, we learn to walk confidently and calmly through the darkness of the transformation process. In the Northern direction, we invite the powers of the nectar drinking Hummingbird, opening us up to new possibilities. In this energy, we celebrate our creative potential by nourishing our joy and giving life to our artistic expression. Finally,  the healing, clarifying energies of the East bring our vision to life and signify the direction of the sunrise and element of air. The East is represented by the Eagle and Condor; animal totems that give us higher perspective to see our path and decisions clearly. The medicine wheel closes in this direction, representing unconditional love with the symbol of a heart with wings.

Throughout the program we share many practices and medicines to help us connect with the elements, integrate and understand our processes. We hike the hills, bathe in the river, learn new skills in creating cleansing perfumes from plants on the land, practice Tai Chi and yoga to unblock stuck energy in the body, sing new songs and share a community space together.


Learn more about the diet and environment for this program.

Are you interested in diving deep into each direction with us? Please, send us a message.

Regular Programs

Natem Healing Ceremony

Ayahuasca “Queen of the jungle”

Natem is a Sacred master plant of the Amazon rainforest also known as Ayahuasca. It has been used by native tribes for thousands of years to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the authentic self. Natem has the natural ability to purify negative energy, information, memory patterns and toxins. With this healing, Natem brings restoration of the original celular memory, creating a bridge for healthy development and growth in life for years after.

Ceremonies with Natem are held at night and the participation requires a particular diet. Leading up to ceremony 2 weeks – 3 days we restrict: onion, garlic, alcohol, stimulants, salt, sugar, spicy, fried foods and sexual contact. If you are taking any pharmaceuticals, please inquire for the time frame of abstinence that is required to participate.

For a deeper look into the diet, please look at this diet information.

Are you interested in having a ceremony? Please, send us a message.

Tobacco Healing Ceremony


Tobacco is used to set intentions, express prayers, to bring clarity, grounding and cleansing us in the process. We use Tobacco as a medicine to open and close the sacred space in ceremony. Tobacco cleanses the physical body and is used for spiritual healing. 

There are two traditional ways we use tobacco in ceremony; as a “Tobacco juice” in liquid form where it is prepared from fresh leaves of a ceremonial mapacho roll and as smoke to pray and offer to the sacred fire. As one of the most powerful plants known across the globe, Tobacco creates a direct connection to the Creator.

Are you interested in a Tobacco ceremony? Please, send us a message.

Wachuma Healing Ceremony

San Pedro cactus “Medicine of the heart”

The sacred master plant of the Andes, Wachuma, has a strong healing and visionary capacity to bring clarity, joy and inspiration into our lives. This powerfully healing, visionary plant, also called San Pedro, works with our subtle energy. Referred to as “The Medicine of the Heart”, Wachuma is able to work through complexity by using the simplicity of love.

Wachuma, also called Agua Coya or San Pedro, brings clarity to one’s perception. This medicine provides spiritual and physical healing and guidance through the sacred ceremony space. It is also used in celebrations to find solutions to a problem and a common vision among the community.

A Wachuma ceremony is usually conducted during the day, from sunrise to sunset. We take a meditative walk in the nearby mountains to offer prayers, sing and celebrate the nature around us. We end the day sitting to enjoy the sunset on the land of AlmaSana.

See the diet information for a Wachuma Ceremony.

Are you interested in a Wachuma ceremony? Please, send us a message.

Kambo healing session

Medicine of the Amazonian frog

The Kambo frog gifts us its potent healing essence by strengthening the immune system. This frog medicine purifies the body from negative energies while also cleansing toxins and chemical substances that are challenging for our system to remove. This medicine is waxy to touch and collected from secretions of the frog to be placed on a flat stick. 

The Kambo ceremony is held in the morning, after a twelve hour fast the previous night to receiving the medicine. Its effects are mostly purgative, drinking water throughout the ceremony to clean and remove the toxin build up. The process can sometimes be physically challenging, but is greatly beneficial for the body days, weeks and even months later. Many diseases considered “incurable” are brought to the Kambo frog medicine.

See the diet information for working with Kambo medicine.

Are you interested in a Kambo cleanse? Please, send us a message.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The sweat lodge, also known as a Temezcal, represents the belly and womb space of the mother. We enter her womb to discover a deeper connection with our creator and the elements of the natural world. Inside the sweat lodge, we are embodying the children of Mother Earth. 

We open every pore of our bodies to heal from deep within. We return to our origin, praying for the present moment, our future, giving thanks to what has been and welcoming the blessings to come. Inside the womb, we are accepted by each other. We are all family, born from the same Mother Earth. All are welcome to tap into this motherly energy, without competition, shame or fear. We are together, naked, natural, in connection with the nurturing compassion of Mother Earth in Spirit.

We spend our time in the sweat lodge giving gratitude to the blessings we have been given in this life. The sweat lodge is a beautiful way to purify, cleanse and bless our energetic body in sacred ceremony. The sweat lodge ceremony can be arranged to follow a ceremony with the master plants or by itself depending on the desires of the participants.

Feeling called to a sweat lodge ceremony? Please, send us a message.

Women's Circle

The women’s circle creates a safe and nurturing space for women of all walks of life to reconnect with the tribe of sisterhood. This sisterhood is a magical environment that fosters collective, ancient wisdom from the many generations before us. Sharing our voice and stories of this life creates deeper understanding in how we can carve a path forward, together, as strong women of the future.

This ceremony in sisterhood provides the opportunity for us to remember and embody the essence of the feminine in all its colors. This sacred space, accompanied by Natem, brings women together in the comfort of the womb. In this circle, we share stories, experiences, gain insight and inspiration from our fellow sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers.

A women’s circle is a one night ceremony. If there is a calling for deeper work, a few days and nights can be shared. Ayahuasca, the Amazonian master plant of deep healing, is followed by a morning sweat lodge to purify, cleanse and bless the physical and spiritual body. Together, we sing, dance and pray for the goodness of our lives, our sisters and families around the world while giving offerings of Tobacco, flowers and incense to the mother for this blessing of our life.

Have a group of women interested in going deeper together? Please, send us a message.

The Diet

There are three important steps to working with the master plants of the Andes. First is preparation for ceremony within our diets, second is the ceremony itself and the third is the life we choose to live after the ceremony for better, clearer and safe integration.

Before the Natem healing ceremony: Things to be avoided 3-14 days before: Meat, dairy products, garlic, onion, spices, stimulants, coffee, chocolate and sweets, fried foods, medications and alcohol. Simple, flavorless foods that don’t spike the tongue palette are best during this time; bland soups, simple meals using 1-3 foods (such as mono dieting), and steamed vegetables are best. Abstain from all sexual activity.

During the morning and day of the ceremony, it is recommended to eat light. The last morsel of food is consumed no later than 1pm. Drink plenty of water.

For the ceremony of Wachumathe diet is very similar to Natem. 3 days of diet is good but to get maximum benefit from this master plant, a longer diet is better.

For the Kambo ceremony, it is required to stop eating 12 hours before the ceremony. The diet afterwards will be discussed at the end of the ceremony. The diet can vary from each individual but in general the diet after is the same as before, prioritizing fruit to begin.

It is very important to let us know if the person coming has been using some medication or drugs in the period of the last six months as some could be very dangerous in combination with the sacred plants.

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