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During Programs

Accommodation and communal spaces are included during the healing programs and retreats at AlmaSana. 

We have one wooden communal room built for up to 6 people for sleeping and relaxation. We also have two smaller private rooms available with a balcony as well as a children’s bunk house with a porch. We have many warm blankets and woven grass mats for sleeping but we encourage you to bring your sleeping bag, towel and a mat for any case. When receiving groups larger than 12 people (or if you desire to sleep separately), you may bring camping essentials. We have few tents to camp in the beautiful surroundings of our garden home, so bringing your own is recommended.

The communal kitchen is equipped with all the necessities to prepare food as well as some basic staples such as rice and beans. There is a sitting area for reading as well as hammocks for relaxing. Near the kitchen, we have a warm water shower, washing machine and workstation for art crafts. 

Before any retreats or ceremonies begin, we speak directly with you about costs and expectations so you can focus on the medicine while you are in the ceremony. We simply ask the community to take care of our home space as you would care for your own. Please leave our family home better than you arrived. 


Between Programs

If you would like to stay at AlmaSana to integrate after a ceremony, retreat or simply to stay as a volunteer, arrangements can be made. Donations are on a sliding scale, beginning at $30 dollars per week with 4 hours of landscape work each weekday to help to complete concrete projects in our gardens. This work allows us to connect with nature, incorporating the earth into our daily life. Please consult with us first before volunteering.

Environment and Recommendations

Ecuador embodies a diverse landscape. Volcano landscapes and high mountains above 4000 m can be cold. Our place near Vilcabamba has a stable climate, with temperatures fluctuating from around 24 degrees during the day and 15 degrees celsius at night. As the sun shines, our cold river  becomes very refreshing. From December to May we are blessed with rains most days, but the temperature drops only slightly.

For this landscape, we recommend sturdy hiking sandals and even partially waterproof shoes. You can buy water boots in Vilcabamba in addition to a poncho or sweater if needed. Please bring short and long sleeved clothes, a waterproof jacket. There is a washing machine here if needed. Bring your own towel and toiletries, a headlamp or flashlight, and a sun hat. We have blankets and pads for everyone, but a medium-warm sleeping bag and mat may come in handy.

Ecuador and specifically Vilcabamba is a multicultural country with Spanish as the native language. We speak English, Cezch, Spanish and can translate in ceremonies. All basic goods are available here, including some alternative health foods, specialty products and artistic gifts not found elsewhere. There are ATMs to withdraw money in the town center along with internet found at shops and restaurants. We have WIFI near the main house at Almasana.

Before the program, it is recommended to pay attention to the preparation of the diet to meet the plants with a clean body.


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