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About AlmaSana

In the foothills of the Andes mountains of southern Ecuador, the rivers flow down from the lagoons and through the waterfalls, creating ways for life to grow. Vilcabamba is the Valley of Longevity, where the days and nights are the same length. In this Sacred Valley, the people from many cultures around the earth unite to weave their vision into life.

You will find our medicine center, AlmaSana, a half hour car ride from the thriving village of Vilcabamba in the south of Ecuador. Our home is a place of fertile land, burning sun, fresh living waters, and changing winds. We are nestled in the mountains and blessed with a  beautiful, cleansing river bordering the property. Embraced by the sacred elements of flourishing nature, you will find a neighborhood of lovely local families near Almasana. 

This place is a direct manifestation of our heart’s healing vision. This conscious, safe space was created to nourish the soul, mind, body and spirit. Working with sacred plants in these magical surroundings nourishes us for our journey ahead. 

Within the our home, you will find: 

  • Edible gardens

  • Medicinal plants

  • Flowers and trees

  • A beautiful communal living space with kitchen

  • A ceremonial Maloka with an altar, mats and fire space 

  • A sweat lodge 

It is a blessing for us to share our vision and life project – AlmaSana – with all those who come to heal.

About Mira Jempe

Mira Jempe was born in Czech Republic and spent his early years with crippling pain in his body. At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with “incurable” rheumatoid arthritis. Despite the doctors declaring his pain permanent. Mira sought a cure elsewhere and set out to search for natural healing. 

His journey brought him to Spain where he met his first teacher and spiritual brother John. A master of Chen-style Tai chi, John shared with Mira movement and meditation practices that began to free his pain through shifting blockages within the energetical body system. 

Mira also began to paint, mostly for commissions or as an exchange for attending healing ceremonies. Connecting with his creative potential furthered the cleansing of Mira’s body from pain, cultivating a patience and focus in the process. 

There in Spain he also met Miguel Shiriap, a traditional Shuar healer visiting from the jungle in Ecuador. Over the following 3 years, Mira focused on the healing potential of the sacred master plants. He worked closely with these sacred plants and other healers in the abundant Amazon jungle, such as Julio Tiwiram. During this time, Mira was able to completely heal his joints and completely rid himself of his physical pain.  Jempe, Mira’s medicine name, was given to him by his master and means “hummingbird”, a bird of endless energy, creative potential, a healthy heart and generous joyful spirit!

Mira has been leading healing ceremonies and sharing his knowledge in many countries around the world since 2010.  He was later accompanied by his wife, Jana, who is also a keeper and server of medicine. Mira and Jana now spend their time welcoming many people to the mountains of southern Ecuador for healing at their home and center for medicine, “AlmaSana”.

About Jana Tatzimoi

Jana grew up in Prague, the capital of the Czech republic, studying to be a cultural anthropologist. She has always felt inspired by art and guided by the mystic spiritual ways of life. 

In her early life, Jana spent 10 years living in the wild nature of Mexico among the mountains near the ocean to develop her music, dance and life in communication with the spirits of nature. In this nature she developed her deep connection to the flow of the universe and understanding of the spiritual wisdom and practices shared by the teachers on her journey. In Mexico, Jana became a mother of her first son, opening her even more wildly to life. During these years, Jana was given great guidance from the master plants of the Mexican desert, the Amazonian jungle and the Andes. 

Her relation with these sacred medicines became the main focus along her path. She began serving others by creating and holding safe space for ceremonies with prayers for life, medicinal music, care and nourishment of the sacred circle. Soon, Jana began to support and accompany Mira in ceremonies to assist in the purification, harmonizing and clarifying the vision of those seeking healing. 

For the last seven years, Jana has been living in the south of Ecuador, creating her family and life project “Almasana” with her husband, Mira Jempe and family their life project “Almasana”. “Tatzimoi” was the name given to her by her teacher, Miguel Shiriap, in the Natemamu initiation. It means a bird that accompanies them by his songs in their gardens, fields and houses.

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