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Life Is Born From A Vision

First, we are children of our mother earth. From this recognition, we can experience the love of taking care of this earthen mother. We become guardians of this earth. 

In this way, We are all Family!


A center for the healthy soul held by Mira, Jana and family

AlmaSana is a safe place of community spirit and growth, allowing those who visit a chance to slow down, cleanse, connect, and learn together. 

Our medicine center welcomes seekers of physical and spiritual healing to reconnect with the magic of nature. In these surroundings, we combine work with sacred master plants to nourish the soul, mind, body and spirit. 

It is with deep gratitude that we offer the manifestation of our life’s vision to all those who come to visit this family’s heart, AlmaSana.

Our Service

Healing Retreats and Ceremonial Programs

At AlmaSana, we learn to cultivate the landscape of our inner world. This landscape is a space to practice our knowledge and spiritual practices, so that we may heal our hearts and nurture authenticity in unity with our environment. It is with dedication, discipline and respect for the sacred master plants that we use their nourishing, vital energy to cultivate a vibrant, pure vision for each person who visits.


Summer program

Alma Sana in Europe

Our European Summer Tour 2024


Are you interested in diving deep into each direction with us? Please, send us a message.




Seasonal Programs

Four Directions Retreat

Our next program is in the end of november 2024 in Almasana.

The Four Directions Retreat is a healing program that incorporates the energetic lessons of the Andean medicine wheel. This program is accompanied by the master plants of the Amazon rainforest and surrounding mountains. In this retreat, participants have a beautiful opportunity to connect with the four principal energies of each direction, their animal spirits and the powerful medicine of the elements that form the conscious life within which we exist. 

This program varies in length, from 1-2 weeks, and includes time for rest, integration and creativity. During this program, you will invite and experience the healing energies of the four directions to support, cleanse, heal and protect us. These practices will continue to have a positive presence in our lives long after closing the medicine wheel.

Are you interested in diving deep into each direction with us? Please, send us a message.

Regular programmes

Natem Healing Ceremony

Natem is a Sacred master plant of the Amazon rainforest, also known as Ayahuasca. It has been used by native tribes for thousands of years to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the authentic self. Natem has the natural ability to purify negative energy, information, memory patterns and toxins. With this healing, Natem brings restoration of the original cellular memory, creating a bridge for healthy development and growth in life for years after.

TObacco Healing Ceremony

Tobacco is used to set intentions, express prayers, to bring clarity, grounding and cleansing us in the process. As one of the most powerful plants known across the globe, Tobacco creates a direct connection to the Creator. 

Wachuma Healing Ceremony

The sacred master plant of the Andes, Wachuma, has a strong healing and visionary capacity to bring clarity, joy and inspiration into our lives. This ceremony is usually held during the day, with a walk in the nearby mountains to pray, sing and celebrate the nature around us. As the medicine shares its lessons with us, we end the day sitting to enjoy the sunset on the land of AlmaSana.

Kambo Healing Session

The Kambo frog gifts us its potent healing essence by strengthening the immune system. This frog medicine purifies the body from negative energies while also cleansing toxins and chemical substances that are challenging for our system to remove. This medicine is waxy to touch and collected from secretions of the frog to be placed on a flat stick. The Kambo ceremony is held in the morning, after a twelve hour fast the previous night.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The sweat lodge, also known as a Temezcal, represents the belly and womb space of the mother. We enter her womb to discover a deeper connection with our creator and the elements of the natural world. Inside the sweat lodge, we are embodying  the children of Mother Earth. We spend our time in the sweat lodge giving gratitude to the blessings we have been given in this life. The sweat lodge is a beautiful way to purify, cleanse and bless our energetic body in sacred ceremony. 

Women's Circle

The women’s circle creates a safe and nurturing space for women of all walks of life to reconnect with the tribe of sisterhood. This sisterhood is a magical environment that fosters collective, ancient wisdom from the many generations before us. Sharing our voice and stories of this life creates deeper understanding in how we can carve a path forward, together, as strong women of the future.


During Programs and Retreats

Accommodation and communal spaces are included during the healing programs and retreats at AlmaSana. We simply ask the community to take care of our home space as you would care for your own. Please leave our family home better than you arrived. 

Between Programs and Retreats

If you feel like staying at AlmaSana to integrate after a ceremony or retreat or just come to stay as a volunteer, arrangements can be made. Please consult with us first.

Contact us

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Míra Jempe

Consultation and help with preparation
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